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August 20, 2022

We all depend on our computers to do what we want them to do when we want them to do it. A failing computer can lead to lost work and a decrease in employee productivity, both of which can result in signifi​​cant costs for an organisation and a negative customer experience.

A remote PC monitoring system does precisely what it says on the tin, allowing your IT provider to make updates and check your computer for problems without ever having to set foot in your office. This saves both time and money.

By using remote PC monitoring, your IT provider can find potential problems early on and fix them before they become big problems that could risk your company's computer systems. Read on to learn more about remote monitoring and management systems and how they might help you keep an eye on and take care of your different computer systems.

What is a remote PC monitoring and management system?

RMM stands for "remote monitoring and management," and it lets companies like Netwave Services manage and monitor client networks from afar. So, you get proactive help and are always one step ahead of any problems or threats that could happen. A remote PC monitoring and management system (RMM) lets you focus on running your core business operations while your IT service provider remotely monitors, maintains, and supports your organisation's IT systems.

Your IT provider can find and fix problems before you are even aware that there are problems. 

What are some of the benefits of a RMM?

  • Proactive monitoring: RMM software enables IT administrators of organisations to monitor the performance of the entire inventory and identify any potential issues well in advance of when users or customers will encounter them. This form of predictive analysis goes a long way toward assisting businesses in maintaining the highest possible level of performance from their devices.
  • Improved cybersecurity:With the help of RMM software, the IT administrators at your company can implement stringent security policies that protect the devices used by your employees, the corporate data that is stored on those devices, and the networks to which those devices connect, leaving no room for accidental security lapses.
  • Access limitations: RMM tools come with a wide variety of configuration options, which can be used to restrict access to the devices and the resources that are stored on them to only those users who are authorised to do so. The IT administrators of the company have access to a wide variety of features, some of which include the configuration of passcode policies, the encryption of corporate data using security keys, and the enabling of role-based access.

Which types of companies could gain the most from implementing a remote monitoring system?

Businesses that don't have the money, staff, or knowledge to manage their own IT infrastructure can benefit greatly from putting in place remote monitoring and management systems. RMM saves you time and makes your systems safer by automatically telling your IT provider about any problems that might come up. Because of this, the number of times you need to contact IT support will decrease, which will save your company both money and the valuable time of its employees.

Netwave Services and other tech companies like it use remote monitoring and management to make sure that their customers' IT systems are always safe and secure. An RMM is an essential tool that enables us to monitor the systems of our customers and ensure that everything is protected, up-to-date, and running efficiently.

With the help of a remote monitoring and management system, we can help you remotely, plan maintenance, and keep an eye on your computers and networks. It makes your company much more efficient and makes sure that any software or system problems are found and fixed before they hurt the way your business works.

When you use an RMM, it also means that a variety of updates and processes can be automated, freeing up time for you and your team to focus on activities that add more value to the business.

What is the process behind remote monitoring and management?

For an RMM system to work, you have to put a small piece of software on each of your computers. IT professionals can keep an eye on how healthy your IT systems are in general by using this software.

The vast majority of RMM systems provide a variety of features, including the following:

  • Automatic maintenance, updates, and upgrades.
  • Administration from a central location, including monitoring of all connected devices.
  • Integration that is simple with pre-existing security software

How much does an RMM solution cost?

"An RMM solution is surprisingly affordable,  and the benefits significantly outweigh the costs. If you figure out how much time you and your team spend maintaining and updating your systems and hardware, you'll see right away how an RMM solution can save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your valuable IT infrastructure is in expert hands." 

Remote monitoring and management systems are ideal for businesses of all sizes, and they are an ideal way to ensure IT systems remain functional and up-to-date at all times. 

How is RMM installed?

Your computers, servers, and any other devices that are connected to the network will each have RMM software installed on them. This will enable your MSP to gain remote access. This is a quick process that should not affect the performance of your system or the business operations it supports.

RMM software works with many different operating systems and can be set up on any of them. Get in touch with the team at Netwave to find out which RMM system might be a good fit for your organisation, regardless of the operating system or IT infrastructure that you currently employ.

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